How to Use Search Public Records

Search Public Records makes it safe and easy for people to get updated information about citizens. However, it is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Search Public Records is not a consumer reporting agency and should not be used as such. Learn more at Fair Credit Reporting Act

You CAN use Search Public Records to:

  • Look at your public records - the results may surprise you!
  • Find someone's current address
  • Learn about relatives
  • See if your online date has a criminal history
  • Review court records from most United States courts
  • View mugshots
  • Learn about financial difficulties and court proceedings

You CANNOT use Search Public Records for:

  • Employment Screenings

    You may not use SPR to evaluate any person for employment. This is including but not limited to: big and small businesses, nannies, and domestic workers.

  • Tenant Screening

    You may not use SPR for any activity including but not limited to: leasing a commercial or residential space.

  • Educational Qualification

    You may not use SPR to screen a candidate for an educational program or scholarship.

  • Credit or Insurance Checks

    You may not use SPR to assess if a person is qualified to receive credit or insurance.

  • Business Transactions

    You may not use SPR to check on information on customers for your business.

Search Public Records is the fastest way to lookup information on yourself, friends and family. Receive a comprehensive background report from just a name and state.