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How To Cancel Your Search Public Records Membership

Call our Member Support team at 1-800-719-2498 or log-in to visit your Member Account page online.

Search Public Records was founded with the mission of making it safe and easy for people to find and learn the truth about each other. We hate to see you cancel your account and miss out on our best in class services.

Accurate and up-to-date information

Search Public Records provides you with accurate and up-to-date information that you can rely on. Our data not only includes a comprehensive criminal check but also current address and phone number, address history, professional licenses and much more.

Unlimited Searches and Unlimited Reports

Our service provides truly unlimited searches and reports. As a member you can research as many people as you would like. Most of our members also run a background check on themselves and family members.

Proactive Monitoring and Email Alerts

We provide you automatic updates on up to 4 individuals if public data on them changes. You will receive an automatic email alerting you that something in their profile has changed. This way, you don’t need to log into the website to run reports on them every month.

Nationwide Sex Offender Information

Our members are able to access Search Public Records’s nationwide database of Registered Sex Offenders by running unlimited searches. Members can search for Registered Sex Offenders by specific address, zip code or first/last name. Search results provide a profile of the offender including: photo, complete name, home address, date of birth, detail on convictions, physical description and more. Additionally, members can view offenders on a map so they know the exact location of the offender’s residence.

Sex Offender Monitoring and Email Alerts

Search Public Records allows its members to set up 4 “monitoring areas” to proactively monitor for new Sex Offender activity. We will monitor these addresses and alert you via email if a new Sex Offender has registered within any of your monitoring areas.

If you would still like to cancel your account please call us at 1-800-719-2498.

The Search Public Records Team

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