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Why Would I Need a Background Report?

  • Lookup your name and protect yourself from identity theft
  • Find a long-lost family member
  • Reconnect with an old classmate or military buddy
  • Learn if you can trust the people associating with your children
  • Scope out a potential love interest before you go on the first date
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Most Popular FAQs

Q: Why don't I just use Google?
A: You can find some basic info online through Google. But to get detailed, up-to-date data, you need to use a reputable background report service like Search Public Records. We access records from National, State and Municipal databases. Our data is updated daily. We compile everything into concise, accurate reports that you can trust.

A: You can use a background report to see what information is public about you or find someone you've lost contact with like a relative or high school sweetheart. Some people use them to learn more about people they do business with or might be interested in dating. There's a lot you can learn from a report.

You should never use a background report to:

  • Establish a person's eligibility for personal credit.
  • Evaluate an employment candidate.
  • Screen a potential new tenant.
  • Look up a celebrity or public figure's contact info.
  • Stalk or spy on a person.
  • Steal an individual's identity.
A: Search Public Records is a private and secure platform. Your searches are completely anonymous and always confidential. No one will ever know you looked them up.

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Your Search is Secure and Confidential

The people you look up will never be notified that you reviewed their public information. Your search is completely anonymous and private.

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